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3 Nov


Coordinating, Networking, Bookings, Promoting, Sponsoring, Vending, Marketing and etc usually is the Matrix for Organizing a successful Event. Many have no clue of the magnitude behind production. There is a clear, significant difference in being the planner and the invitee.

Reserved for V.I.P.

If you haven’t gotten the memo by now- allow me….Atlanta, GA has a reputation for being one of the most competitive, urban, Southern, hospitable, pretentious, inspiring, inconsistent, prosperous (all in one) cities in the US. Why do I use such an illustration? Easy, Perception. Some may find it difficult to adapt to and others- fit right in!

After haven resided in the city for several years and being active in entertainment; one of the more observations I have been aware of is-Imagery.


Our eyes appeal to Growth, Wealth, Success….. We love some Lights, Camera and Red Carpet. We even fool ourselves into thinking- we have finally arrived! Tuuuhu

There are, without a doubt, a lot of contributors to the birth of this type facade. I’ll refrain from naming (for now). However, I will submit that success should definitely Not be measured by a zip code, vehicle, or what department store you patronize- rather Your internal growth.

In No way- am I implying that having nice possessions is a bad thing. Or that you should even be okay with mediocrity. No Way! Rather a simple declaration- that “things” don’t “Measure” success. I’m totally All for cheer-leading. But I feel (somewhere along the way) the messages have gotten misconstrued. ‘We’ want the trophy but not everyone is up for the challenge! Unfortunately, we’d rather believe ‘building the Empire’ was done overnight.

Working in the Entertainment Industry has certainly taught me truths about myself, quickly. Not everything is what it appears. Simple arithmetic has shaped and predicated my thoughts and behaviors.

If “IT” does not Add to Me… “IT” is taking away!

Now, as I thrive- I realize there are a few applications that would yield the real “VIP” incentive.

Principles are very Practical but a reflection of Living In Your Authentic Truths.

to be continued……….




6 Dec

Raina Houston, You Ask!

Raina is an American actress born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and has come to Claim Purpose and Blaze the world of Entertainment! For more than 10 years she has been a student of the Arts. Being rooted in Theater, Raina has since discovered her passion for TV & Film.

Raina attributes much of her Strength, Inspirations and Upbringing to her Mother. Her mother’s kindness, integrity and work ethic is/were endless and helped to shape Raina’s perception of Life.
Raina grew up in east New Orleans. In earlier years, she and her older brother would create memories with other children at Joe W. Brown Park. Also, Raina would often visit the Historically esteemed French Quarters during school field trips; but it wasn’t until she was older that she truly learned the significance of what she had been exposed to.

Like her Mother, a lover of life and all things in it; Raina strives to mimic her- by exuding Love, Respect, and Compassion, daily. Although Raina’s purpose is Acting, she accepts responsibility to humankind and is deliberate in her role to reflect and breathe life into her story or project.

It didn’t take Raina long to learn that what she had fantasized of being for so long would also require exceptional dedication and levels of honing her craft. Raina begin training at the age of 12 at Anthony Bean Community Theater in New Orleans. Throughout her entire high school term she was a member of the Drama Dept. of McDonogh #35 as well as a student at New Orleans Center of Creative Arts (NOCCA). Raina then studied and graduated (with Honors) from The Conservatory of Theater Arts of Webster University with a degree in Acting.

It comes as no surprise that whatever Raina touches will manifest into something great!

After graduation Raina relocated to Atlanta, Georgia with the same Blueprint in mind; she allowed her love for people to help navigate her into the acting circuit of Atlanta. Connecting with like-minded Artist; Raina had the pleasure of competing in the REP YOUR ACT 2017 Acting Competition. Naturally she Wowed the Audience, other contenders and judges- thus making her the Winner of the competition. Not quite a year after being a resident she is rumored to be a young Viola Davis!

Raina has served Background and Supporting Roles in films; Contraband, The Important Parts of Me, Ms. Devaux (2018). She has had the opportunity to work as an associate producer in Dirty Deeds (Keturah Miller in The Blue Series- Discovery}. Raina has also portrayed Idil in Stage Play, Where It All Goes Down (Natalie E. Davis).

While Raina continues to evolve as an Actress, she understands symmetry. In Life, there will be highs and lows. She has tattooed words to live and love by; “Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship.”-Denzel Washington and “The kind of beauty I want most is the hard-to-get kind that comes from within – strength, courage, dignity.”-Ruby Dee

Raina’s goals are to tell as many stories and touch as many hearts as possible through her work; whether it be through TV/Film or Stage. She dreams to one day share scenes with Viola Davis, Cicely Tyson and Forrest Whitaker but more than that Raina aspires to be the best version of herself; holding true to always being intentional and unapologetically transparent.

Fasten Your Seat Belts!
You wouldn’t want to miss Raina’s Amazing
Journey as she is set to be Party to Tracie Collins’ V Monologues in 2018 as well as the Revamping of the Stage Play, Where It All Goes Down.

Raina Houston (2018)
For Bookings: BYSB Talent Agency

RAINA Speaks!

““Since I’ve studied theater mainly, I felt a bit like a fish out of water moving to Atlanta to pursue a career in film and television. It hasn’t been a walk in a park and I’m still learning each day what serves me best as an actress. I simply had to become comfortable with failing and telling myself, “Hey, it’s ok! You live and you learn.” What’s for you is for you and no one can take that from you!”23231554_556052838060858_4741629602965542208_n


Let’s Talk RESILIENCE with Bria!

27 Nov

RESILIENCE by Actress, Dancer
Bria Armani Johnson 23231268_556052844727524_2908556421850685448_n

Image 13 Oct


Preparing to Close Out The Final Quarter of 2017.

Accepting BIO and Article Requests Through November!

What Are You Thankful For!


Inside w Julian Brittano

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ACT LIKE A PRO Magazine (Behind the Scenes)

6 Sep

Entertainment Professionals
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STS Entertainment & Fashion

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Rising Star /The Exception

30 Jun

Brenda Smith Dubone is THE Exception.

American Actress/Host/ Model, Brenda Smith Dubone is known to be THE Exception!

Brenda is a Memphis, TN Native who relocated to Atlanta Georgia in 2013. After having been a veteran of the City of Memphis for 22 years, Wife (Divorcee), and Mother who raised 4 children; Brenda strategically executed her life long passion of working in Entertainment.

No matter the facet; Acting, Modeling, Singing, etc, Brenda deliberately was in execution mode!

Brenda was wise beyond her years. She learned at the early age of 5 about her gifts. Being extremely shy- she would only sing and dance for family. Later, in her middle school- aged years she experienced one of the most frightening moments of her life! Brenda learned that an opening at her school choir would soon be available. But the only way to be considered- she would have to audition in front of several of her peers. Thankfully, Mrs. Annie Barrett allowed her to sing to her (in a private setting). It was of No Surprise- how Brenda would WOW the entire Choir department with her colorful and mature vocals.
This gave Brenda the confidence that would help navigate her throughout her journey. Brenda later began giving private vocal lessons; teaching songs and harmony.

As an adult, Brenda Blooms in her Purpose. Being an example to others; showing them “with Faith in God, hard work and determination, it is Never too late to live out your dreams- No Matter What They Are and How Old You Are”!

Having Been Led By God w Purpose and Time, Brenda Surrounded Herself with People Who Authentically Understood Her Vision. People Who Epitomizes ‘IronSharpensIron!’ A Live Broadcast, “He Said, She Said”, Chef Competition: Laughter for the Soul (Food), AmicaAnd2Girls (Red Carpet Host), an Annual Fashion Show, “Ageless Beauty” are All Leading House Hold Brands, Brenda Has Come to Love and Attributes the Climax of her Career to her Dear Friend and Business Partner, Media Matriarch and Owner of TLA Agency, Tina Bridges.

Brenda continues to challenge herself, daily. She is proud to be in the position to add value to herself- by studying her craft. Brenda has taken multiple Acting Workshops in Atlanta, GA: Rated ETA, Dugout Studios, Rhavynn Drummer and a Production Assistant workshop at Pinewood Studios. Brenda also attributes sharpening her skills as an entertainer to the many Appearances she has made on TV. She has Served as an Actress (Multiple Seasons) on Fatal Attraction, The Originals, Domestic Seduction, Captain America 3, Wimpy Kid the Long Haul, Spider Man Home Coming, The Last Full Measure and Still Managing to Book Commercial Print Ads (Treasure Bay Casino)/Brand Modeling for Many Notable Photographers and Magazines. Brenda’s also had the opportunity to take great notes along side Veteran Actor, Samuel L Jackson, and Stand-in for Rapper, Producer, Queen Latifah (Miracles From Heaven).

As if Being Mother, Actress, Host, and Full Figured Runway Model isn’t enough; Brenda stretches belief in her dream to become a world renowned Writer. One of her favorite quotes, “I do what I can, while I can, because tomorrow is not promised”! With each obstacle there is a blessing. Brenda has been the exception to what society deems to be the perfect recipe for success. Instead she has used her shy-ness and many other stones to build her massive catalog. And with a goal to continue to inspire others she also plans to humbly bask in her accomplishments with family and friends.


mini BIO

27 Jun

Sunny is an Actress, Producer, Writer and Philanthropist.
She enjoys inspiring others. Sunny believes her life to be an example. And is predicated by the Laws of Attraction; ‘Whatever Energies you exude in the Atmosphere are certain to return.’

Balance is and has been Key while in Pursuit.
Sunny works as a mentor for youth with hopes that she could one day pass the baton. And She host an Actors Prayer Breakfast Quarterly.
Sunny embraces the Journey of an Actress and learning New levels of her artistry.

She seizes each teachable moment in this expedition; while anticipating production for her Own Film Project. She is looking forward to sharing special moments and accomplishments with her family.

Highlights: Conversations with Tisha Campbell Martin

19 Jun

God Will Remind You of Your WHY through #Divine Connection!
Thanks Beautiful Sister for Your Kind Seeds and Being The LIGHT**

*******BALANCE is The Goal*****

One of My Greatest Joys is Accomplishing Things Others Have Deemed Impossible!



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