As a Little Girl- I can Recall going to the Salon Saturday Mornings with My Mother and Aunt. But the Girly Ritual of the Salon Experience was More Eventful and Memorable as We Were Preparing for Easter or Christmas.

I was the Only girl of 6; (Forced to be a “tom-boy”) so when I would over hear the grown-ups talk of what we were about to be doing for these Holidays- I would become secretly excited!

Nikki and I were like Sisters (Twins) although she is my cousin. We would pretend to be Teachers majority of the time we spent, but the Salon Experience meant everything to Us!
As we had already peeked at our Easter Sunday Pastel Dresses, Purses, and Ruffle Socks; we knew, Surely our Parents wouldn’t make us suffer by decorating our hair- with those awful Christmas ornaments. (Colorful Ribbons and Barrettes). Instead we Actually get to wear BANGS!

No, we didn’t have the naturally long silky hair most young black girls- back then would equate with being beautiful. But average hair. Our parents took much pride in making sure- with every greased part there wasn’t a single hair out of place…lol Poor Nikki got it worse- she some how couldn’t manage to keep her hair together. So she dreadfully had to get retouched…lol
Too much fun! Because I was mildly tender-head, I knew my endurance limit was exceeded.

As we got up early Saturday- little time to eat breakfast. We would be rushed to the Salon or the kitchen of a retired Beautician our parents knew- when they were kids. We knew what time it was when we smelled that hot hair grease and Marcel curling irons, and we heard a lot of gossiping and Loud Laughing!
It was not taboo- to hear “Francine and Rachel’s” name be brought up in conversation even though they weren’t there. But as children- we knew better than to EVEN LOOK like we heard these adults carrying on like catty school girls. The Process wasn’t for the faint at heart. We learned then- there would be a price to obtaining Beauty.
But for Us, Our Main Priority was knowing our hair was long enough for our Bangs to hang to our chins and We would then be Mini Brown-Skinned Princesses!


As and Adult, I reflect on a this time of my life when I wore Bangs! Not so much emphasis on the exterior Beauty; but an Actual Era- in which Women would be able to Gather Together and Celebrate each other. No one was perfect, Obviously. But innocence was regarded, an unspoken understanding and level of Support was of Extreme Importance.

(Now) Society has shun the intimacy of sharing experiences with each-other.
Social Media has provided a dysfunctional level of comfort in Not building REAL relationships. Instead- “We” befriend the Personality rather than the actual person.

BANGS Media Mag was designed to give that Salon experience. Where any emotion felt or any vision/idea conceived may have an invitation to be Freely Expressed, and Ultimately Bridging the Gap in Human Relationships.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Nikki E June 27, 2017 at 5:24 pm #

    This took me back to some memories . ❤️ it!

  2. Sharon T. June 27, 2017 at 5:42 pm #

    This is a really great article! It definitely brought back memories. Today’s society is missing out on the bonds and relationships built when you actually spend time with people. Let’s face it, 10 years from now are you even going to remember that text message or Facebook post you commented on. Take a break from social media and spend some time getting to know each other.

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