LAUGH til It Hurts

20 Nov


Written on 20 Nov : 12:57

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BLOWN AWAY for (current) lack of a More Explosive Description was My Experience and Many Others who Frequently Subscribe an Befriend The Actors Prayer Breakfast-( I Host Each Quarter);

The flow details include: Entertainment from Acting Community, Medical Industry, Educators and etc- you definitely will get a buffet of personalities here!

A Sense of FREE Energy is Welcomed when You come to the APB but it is not uncommon for people to have certain prejudices; perhaps rooted from tradition.

BLOWN AWAY w Your Purpose****

Much Gratitude and Salutations to My Sister in Christ, MzWallSt aka Michelle Hodges.

I am so blessed at how MzWallst OWNED her Purpose! She was efficient with timing- which says alot! She participated in sharing and being transparent as a mean of connecting. Many of the guest that hadn’t met her prior, left feeling like she was Family.

Not Only did she Perform and Might I add- Did Not Disappoint, but She stayed to the End and continued to subscribe/support to APB every chance she could.

As the Founder of APB I digest each moment as a teachable one. I remember with much precision how conflicted I was feeling that morning. I’m very sensitive to My spirit and had a need to emotionally release whatever it was that had consumed me.

When SHE hit that stage- she “KILT IT“
(I know I wasn’t alone)..the proper medicine had been DELIVERED!

WE Needed to LAUGH!!

MzWallst frequents the scenes of Atlanta, South Carolina, Florida, NY and more, gifting her audience w her Passion to find humor in Real Life Situations.

She has made several TV appearances, opened up for Legendary Comedians and other Celebrities throughout the US.

In addition she still finds time to Host Charity Events as well as Volunteer w the Homeless Community.

I’ll Say…..

It is very evident in the Times we are In; We all Need to Love and Laugh More.
I advise you to Link with and (or Book) MzWallSt and Get YOUR Dose- TODAY!




Can I Successfully Offer Quality Entertainment to Mainstream TV Without Compromise?

28 Feb

HOW DIVINE would it be to Actually LIVE Your Dream!

-Were thoughts I often ponder until recent; I was afforded and began to EXECUTE the Purpose (for My Dream).

GREETINGS, I am the Creator of [b]Partners of APB[/b]
(Purposed to Share My gifts as a Philanthropist)
During my expedition, I discovered what areas to apply my gifts.
I am fortunate to work in and passionate about the Arts of Entertaining; [b]Actress, Producer, Hostess, Model.
I worked in Corporate America majority of my adult life. A few of those years- I spent pursuing Acting in Film and Theater. After much prayer and getting past fears of the unknown, I finally resigned and became Radical with my Purpose.

I had matured in connecting with people from all genres of life and felt I could “Act, Tell, or Live” anyone’s story whether Stage or Film. But (just) acting wasn’t enough for me. I grew overly enthusiastic of how I could link being a server and an artist.

After taking inventory , I observed there had been a great number of people who were acting or working in other fields, yet were oblivious to their Purpose. I attended events specifically targeted towards actors and people who had similar desire but Not many truly knew their “Why”. This spelled out ‘NEED’ to me, thus birthing Partners of APB (ActPrayBreak).

Partners of APB ‘GET IT’!

Partners of APB IS the LIGHT & Movement that deliberately demonstrates
that you Can Entertain; Act, Sing, Model, Write, Poet, etc without compromising
your spirituality and beliefs. I felt it would Only make sense to develop a team of like-minded Artist who were responsible to the Audience.

Prayerfully taking into account the demand, I had revelation that the Entertainment Industry has such an astronomical impact on the world. While there are several programs that cater to the Art- there still seem to be a lack of Self knowledge and Intimacy. There are also a magnitude of expeditionary learning and Drama in some Private and Public Charter Schools, as well as traditional electives in the Public School System. We are certain that when [b]Partners of APB collaborate[/b] within the scope of Public ([b]Education[/b]) Arts Program- the Organic and Creative Appeal to the Arts will be and or become less than Excellent.

Partners of APB are indeed growing and are EXCITED to share with as many inclined and are receptive to the Mission!

Partners of APB Host Quarterly an
[b]Actors Prayer Breakfas[/b]t/Brunch..Serving [b]Comedy[/b], [b]Poetry[/b], Spoken Word, Acting Workshops, Motivational Speaking, Educator with Entertainment Industry, and a Wealth of Other Arts.

For Specific Location and Date see:



the Matriarch of Cinema

12 Feb

Reservations for 2 please…

26 Jan

Welcome to Cafe..’Georgia Peach!’

Dessert of The Day:

Mouth-watering, Warm Southern Peach Cobbler w Butter Pecan Vanilla Ice Cream…

Cocktail: Peach Mimosa (Finest Dry Dom Pe’rignon)

Our MISSION is to Make a Lasting Impression by Serving an Entrée (Cast) that would appeal to every crave, imagainable!

{We- at ‘Cafe Georgia Peach’ realize; while you were forced to dine else where, a few necessary ingredients were missing. The lack of preservation and the integrity of our Core was not regarded as significant, anymore; thus the cause and effect. People have been compelled to digest so much unhealthy and unproductive food.}

We hear You and are here to Nurture You back!

Our Entrées Include but not Limited to a Spread of Pleasantries; handpicked by Qualified Harvesters!

Among You…We have a blend of the most Organic, Distinctive, Purposeful, Classy, Wise, Zealous, Beautiful, Passionate people also known as the Salt of the Earth!

A Movement We Are*

We give to you with Great Honor- the cast of ‘The REAL Georgia Peaches!’Screenshot_2016-01-25-20-52-54-1Screenshot_2016-01-25-19-16-37-1


its Happy Hour Somewhere!!

8 Jan

Unique Syrups


Counterfeit vs Authenticity

8 Jan



monopoly of the Times

8 Jan